On Friday, July 23, 2021, Wilcenski Pleat Law (via Tara Anne Pleat and colleague Libby Clark) completed their Above and Beyond Challenge hike for the Saratoga Hospital Foundation at the Stillwater Fire tower. If you are interested in supporting the Foundation and joining the challenge see https://www.saratogahospital.org/…/above-and-beyond…

The Above and Beyond Challenge supports the Addiction Medicine Program at Saratoga Community Health Center.

The Health Center’s physician-led Addiction Medicine Program launched in March 2017 and is fully integrated into the Center’s primary and behavioral health services where warranted. In 2018, the program’s first full year of operation, more than 400 patients were served through more than 5,000 visits. Support generated by the Above & Beyond Challenge allows the program to expand and meet emerging needs. As importantly, the Challenge is an opportunity for patients to explore other areas of interest and move above addiction and beyond, to comprehensive wellness.