Focusing on the Future: Planning Options for Financial Management and Other Advocacy

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Many individuals with disabilities will need lifelong assistance in making financial and medical decisions.  Family members and other advocates may provide this support by serving in different “fiduciary” capacities – Agents under Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy, Guardians, Trustees, and others. 

This presentation will provide an introduction to these different fiduciary roles, and is intended to help attendees understand:

  1. The difference between a Guardian, Trustee an Agent:
  2. The different types of Special (Supplemental) Needs Trusts that are used to help support individuals with disabilities in the community, and how such Trusts are used to provide ongoing advocacy and promote independence; and
  3. Current trends in public funding and community based services that increase the importance of comprehensive future planning.

Presenter: Edward V. Wilcenski, Esq.

Contact: Kelly Wilcox, or Tracy Schober,, 845-889-9534