Passing the Baton: Planning the Transition of Oversight and Advocacy to Siblings and Other Caregivers

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As parents in the disability community plan for the future, they often look to other family members or close friends to take on the responsibilities of oversight and advocacy.   While most are willing to help, many are unclear on what they are being asked to do, and they may also be reluctant to ask too many questions.

This program is designed to provide:

  • an introduction to how changes in the service delivery system are changing the roles played by family members and other advocates,
  • an explanation of some of the formal roles (like agents, guardians and trustees) that these advocates might play,
  • recommendations on how to begin the advocacy process – while parents are still living and involved – so that the transition is more manageable when the time comes, and
  • a discussion of how this transition might impact parents’ estate plans in order to accommodate these expected changes.

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Virtual Presentation by Edward V. Wilcenski, Esq. and Co-Presenter Michael S. Cognetti, Director of Case Management, Adirondack Case Management and Advocacy, LLC 

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