Case Management and Advocacy

It is often difficult for people who have not had personal experience with disability to understand just how complicated and frustrating life can be for those who struggle with disability every day. Many assume that “the system” will simply take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Others assume that people with financial means—whether family resources or funds held in trust—can access and pay for whatever they need.

We in New York are lucky to have a system of supports and services available to the disability community. Yet even the most well-intentioned and competent family members can find the service delivery system complicated and the rules governing eligibility and access to programs difficult to understand.  Moreover, programs continue to evolve and change, often due to funding limitations, which can make planning in this area even more challenging.

Our Case Management and Advocacy services are designed to help families and other professionals make the most out of the programs and services that support individuals with disabilities in the community. We work together with family members, service coordinators, school districts, guardians, and trustees to access available services through various government-funded programs, and we work to ensure that private funds (family resources or trust) are used as cost effectively as possible.  These services are provided primarily through our affiliated company, Adirondack Case Management & Advocacy, LLC (www.adkcma.com).